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Sunday, April 3, 2022 SNIFF-N-GO

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4630 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

*Page updated 11:30am 3/28/2022*

  • Face masks are not required per the current CDC guidelines.

  • Your assigned run time is listed below, in the participation level you registered for.

  • Arrival & Check-in:

    • Please arrive 25 minutes before your run time. Excessively early arrivals will not result in getting to run earlier in the day and we have limited parking spots available, so please do not come too early!

    • Park in the designated competitor parking areas when you arrive, leave your dog in your vehicle and enter the marked door to check-in (see map image below - click it to enlarge). Be sure to confirm your cell phone # when you check-in.

    • DO NOT park on Plankinton Ave as there will be a line-of-sight issue for our exterior/vehicle search on that side of the building.

    • When your runtime is coming up, we will text your phone # to inform you that you and your dog can come to the building to stage. Please do not stage with your dog outside unless you are told to do so.

  • Dog Potty Areas & Flow

    • Dogs can be pottied on the north side of the building along Cudahy Ave. 

    • Pick up any poop and place it in the metal waste bin near the north driveway entrance (see map below).

    • DO NOT potty your dog along Kinnickinnic Avenue - Competitors will be walking back on the sidewalk after search #3!

  • If you have a red bandanna dog, bring your own red bandanna.

  • Spectators are welcome, but they may not be able to watch all searches due to room sizes. Competitor or outside spectator photography and/or videotaping is not allowed.

  • There will be no walk through prior to searching.

  • All levels will have 3 searches, run consecutively. 

    • NW1, NW2 & NW3: 

      • Search 1: Interior

      • Search 2: Interior/vehicle mixed element

      • Search 3: Vehicle search (outside)

    • ELITE: 

      • Search 1: Interior

      • Search 2: Interior/vehicle mixed element

      • Search 3: Exterior/vehicle mixed element

  • The judge will tell you specific information for each search area: what level you are running, the time limit, on/off leash options, and other search area criteria.

  • All searches will be run blind unless you tell the judge you would like to know where the hides are.

  • Be sure to call "ALERT" when your dog has found each hide. NW2 and above, be sure to call “FINISH” when your dog is done searching. 

  • After you run you are welcome to leave. There will not be a debrief, awards or placements shared after the event.

  • Participants who opted in to receive the results will be emailed within 1 week after the event with the placements.

Questions? Please email or call Laura at or 262-844-9857


Names highlighted in green indicate a handler with multiple dogs participating in the event. 

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