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Saturday, April 27th from 12p-2pm
Milwaukee, WI

Registration is open! 

See details below to register.


Event Details & Registration

Event Location: Babcock Spring Company, 241 W Edgerton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53217
Just west of General Mitchell International Airport

Levels: NW1, NW2, NW3 & Elite

Date & Time: Saturday, April 27th from approximately 12-2pm 

  • The event starts with NW1 and moves up in levels as the day progresses.

  • You will be assigned a run time, which will be emailed to you approximately 3-5 days ahead of the event.


  • Dogs must be fluent in searching for all three NACSW odors in novel environments.

  • An ORT title is not required.

Cost: $35.00 per dog. 25 spots available. *4 spots left as of 9am on 4/8/2024*


  • All levels will have 2 searches:

    • Search 1 will be a mixed element (interior and vehicle combo) in a large garage area with a variety of vehicles, industrial racking, and equipment. Please note the garage area is a working space for the company and has some dirt/and grease residue throughout. 

    • Search 2 will be an interior office/kitchenette area.

  • All searches will be run blind unless you request to know where hides are located.

  • Searches will be conducted following the current NACSW trial rulebook guidelines for false alerts, faults, and errors. If you would like to continue running after false alert/s, you must request as such at the beginning of each search. 


Please complete one registration form for each dog you are participating with. 

You may run multiple dogs at the same level however, hides will not be reset. 

QUESTIONS? Please email:

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