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Saturday, March 18, 2023 SNIFF-N-GO

Mequon Nature Preserve
8200 W County Line Rd, Mequon, WI 53097



  • Please plan on arriving at 9:00am and park in the designated area in the parking lot, as shown on the map (click the image to enlarge).

  • When you arrive, you can potty your dog, then come in the registration entrance. We'll do a quick walk through, talk about the assignments, and go over any questions you may have.

  • Indoor crating is available, so if you'd like to crate your dog inside, bring your crate in when you arrive.

  • Bottled water and light snacks will be provided. Please feel free to bring your own beverage and a snack to share if you'd like. We'll have a dedicated room to mingle in and grab snacks throughout the day. 

  • We should be wrapped up by 3:30pm, if things go according to schedule!

The assignments should allow for everyone to watch several participants throughout the day.  Please note I may adjust assignments the day of the event as we get into the flow of things. 
Assignments are for the full day, unless stated otherwise.

  • Registration Check-in:

    • AM: Connie

    • PM: Melissa 

  • Floaters:

    • AM: Melissa & Cory

    • PM: Connie 

  • Search Area 1:

    • Judge: Mary (AM), Laura (PM)  

    • Timer: Katie (AM), Cory (PM)

  • Search Area 2:

    • Judge: Jo 

    • Timer: Carly 

  • Search Area 3:

    • Judge: Lisa

    • Timer: Suzanne (AM), Lisa (PM)



  • You are the face of our event :) Be your happy, smiley, and polite selves.

  • Please refrain from being chatty—we need to keep people moving through the event to stay on time.

  • Stay quiet while dogs are searching.

  • Absolutely NO use of cell phones during searches.

  • No food is allowed in the search area. Water bottles are OK, but should be left outside the search area boundaries.

  • When waiting for the next dog, please use inside voices.

  • If a dog soils in a search area, they are dismissed. Clean the search area using the paper towel and cleaner provided.

  • DO NOT TOUCH ANY HIDES. If a dog disrupts a hide, please find me (I'll evaluate and reset the hide as necessary).

  • If you need to take a bathroom break, please do so! There will be short breaks between each of the search levels as I add hides and such.


Connie & Melissa

  • Smile! You’re the first face our sniffy participants will see!

  • Check in each team:

    • Confirm their name, dog name, and cell phone #.

    • Please tell them we will text them when they can come into the building!

    • If a dog’s name is highlighted in red on the registration sheet, they have a red bandana dog. 

  • Videotaping is OK in the search areas.

  • If people need the restroom, direct them to the bathroom area.

  • Participants can potty their dogs anywhere on the property, away from the building. They MUST pick-up and dispose of any poop in the waste bin, located at the east-end of the parking lot.

  • Keep an eye out for other dogs that are waiting in/around the parking lot. If you see another dog team coming that should not be there, direct them to stop and go back to the parking lot area. We do not want dogs congregating by the building.


Mary, Jo & Lisa

  • You will be judging and timing your search area. You will be given a stopwatch.

  • You will also be completing a master score sheet for each level. Competitors DO NOT take their score sheets with them. You'll get additional directions the morning of the event. You will be given a clipboard and pen with the sheets and will turn each sheet in between levels.

  • All teams are running blind. If a team requests to know where the hides are located at the start of the search, you can tell them.

  • When a competitor arrives at your search, tell them the following information:

    • This is an interior search and [NW1/2/3 ELITE LEVEL] rules apply.

    • You have [XX] minutes. (This info will be given on the event day)

    • The search will be [ON/OFF] leash (This info will be given on the event day)

    • There are [XXX] hides 

      • NW1 & NW2: Competitors will be told the # of hides

      • NW3: Competitors are NOT told # of hides (they know there is a range between 0-3 hides possible)

      • Elite: Each searches will have their own criteria—a known #, range given, or unknown #

    • Your start line is “HERE” (point to area).

    • Be sure to say ALERT and FINISH loudly.

    • Do you have any questions?

  • Confirm any found hides by saying “YES!” loudly.

  • If a team false alerts: 

    • NW1 & NW2: They are dismissed from the search. If they are close to the hide location, show them where the hide is so they can reward their dog. 

    • NW3: They are allowed 1 false alert and get to continue searching. If they false alert a 2nd time, they are dismissed from the search.

    • Elite: They are allowed 2 false alerts and get to continue searching. If they false alert a 3rd time, they are dismissed from the search.

  • Give a 30 second warning if needed. 

  • If a team runs out of time, call it. They are done. If a dog is near a hide, you can tell them or show them where it is and then they can reward their dog and move on to the next search. 

  • Once their search is done, give them a short verbal compliment (“nice leash handling” “great job reading your dog’s behavior” “wonderful job supporting your dog”) to keep them motivated and happy. 

  • Usher them to the exit to get them on to their next search or back to the parking lot. 


Please note that I will do my best to get you and your dog placed into the schedule as shown below. Adjustments may be made if we need to keep better time to stay on schedule. Thank you! *Click image to enlarge*

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